Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre


I have been so involved in putting on feet S.VT, telling my friends about it, my family, becoming a bit of a single track record, having it always on to of my mind (and lips) that I forgot to tell the all internet! Or should I say my very humble blog audience, to who might recognized him/her self here, I pass on my salutations.

So what is S.V.T?

Well it is an online boutique I am setting up. A space dedicated to lifestyle good which are the result of considerate design and sustainable and fair source. Basically it is the place where I roll up my sleeve and take upon making all things things I wanted to do (or have been doing for a while) and sharing it with the world. Everything is sourced locally as much a possible, with the main construction being made here in London, by myself and close talented crafters. S.V.T takes most of its inspiration from the natural sciences (how surprising from me).

I am still working hard at it now, and their is for the time being a holding page online. But please do go have a look and sign up to the newsletter (or check out all the social usual : twitter / Facebook / Instagram) So I can share with you the day I will unveiled S.V.T.


Mishcon de Reya

I have been back to Halliford Studios last week for another studio shoot, which went really well. We did 40 set ups in 2 days including, fire breathing, dogs jumping and kid "flying". Much great times working with Short Form Film and really happy with the footage.

Les Grandes Serres du Jardin des Plantes

Yet another seri of photographs made for my friend the Garden Edit. A good excuse, if you ask me,  to go back to my favorite parisian gardens: Le Jardin des Plantes. Take a minute to stroll under the glass celling, to pass in the grotto and don't forget to go take a mint tea at the Grand Mosquée of Paris,
and you will be as content as one can be.

Art Direction

I just completed a recent job as art director for the brilliant Short Form Film company. The all shoot went on really well and we ended up with some brilliant footage. Although little wonder it looks so tricking when using persian ginger cats and giant roll of cheese. Plus none of the mice escaped so over all it was just fine.
I will share the films soon.


One of my picture made for the Garden Edit got published in COS things, this is good for a casual Thursday.

Between the Bars - Film

At last !!! dear folks and beloved readers, I finished my film and put it out there for everyone to enjoy. I am so glad to eventually give it to the world after bearing it for so long!

I really hope it will talk to you. I also made a making of so give clumps into the process. if you have any questions or other please get it touch.

Between the Bars from Coline Brun-Naujalis on Vimeo.

Making Of-vimeo from Coline Brun-Naujalis on Vimeo.