Art Direction

I just completed a recent job as art director for the brilliant Short Form Film company. The all shoot went on really well and we ended up with some brilliant footage. Although little wonder it looks so tricking when using persian ginger cats and giant roll of cheese. Plus none of the mice escaped so over all it was just fine.
I will share the films soon.


One of my picture made for the Garden Edit got published in COS things, this is good for a casual Thursday.

Between the Bars - Film

At last !!! dear folks and beloved readers, I finished my film and put it out there for everyone to enjoy. I am so glad to eventually give it to the world after bearing it for so long!

I really hope it will talk to you. I also made a making of so give clumps into the process. if you have any questions or other please get it touch.

Between the Bars from Coline Brun-Naujalis on Vimeo.

Making Of-vimeo from Coline Brun-Naujalis on Vimeo.

Between the Bars

It is done! Even though it is nowhere to be seen yet,
but I should keep you posted on this matter.
Just for the moment I can share the great new and the pro mess for more.


While wandering in Strasbourg (France) I came across Catherine Remmy, a ceramist artist who for the day offer you the chance to paint a pot and got it bake "in situ" in the art of Raku Ware _ a few brush strokes to persuade oneself that he/she is part of the process. Whereas actually the charm and poetry of Raku
is way beyond the amateur control.

Raku is a type of Japanese poetry which is distinct by being cooked in the kiln and then let to cool outside inside a combustible. In this case the hot pottery (and we are talking really hot - 200°c) are introduced in wood dust. The combustion by the heat of the surrounding dust generate smoke which give tint (and smell) inside the small cracks of the glaze generated by the thermic chic. The all experience is very impressive and also just as charming, even if my two littles pots
turned out to look like mongrels.

My love for ceramic is certainly growing on each occasion
I have to approach the matter.


Marbling Paper

After several sessions and trial I feel that I am eventually getting a hang on marbling paper. Pretty exciting as it is something I really like and wanted to implement more on.