The Garden Edit

The living stones, a seri of pictures I took during I trip to Namibia
has just been publish in the Journal of the brilliant Garden Edit.
The other articles are really worth checking too!

WillShake Henry V

The brilliant Short Form Film Company. took on making a new episode of WillShake, 
putting on the screen there adaption of Henry the V.
I have been involved through the all project from story boarding, prop making, art directing and animating. This entry showcase my the props I created and sourced for the shoot: hand drawn maps, painted flags and shields, cooking the feast and sourcing the metal work (via Lucie Naujalis).



Furniture Porn

The fall brought many events to me, among them my latest moving house.
My new room was a blank canvas (thanks goodness for not inheriting another Ikea set of drawer with bottom dismounting themselves  - to much pressure with theses jumpers!)

So I when on and commissioned my talented sister to do some furniture for me. She is a metal worker based in east London, and a very able child. I am literally living my furniture fantasy!

I will cut it short and let you appreciate for yourself.
You can find out more of her work here.

Wedding Invitations

About a month ago I posted some picture of a printing session for the my friend Alex and Lisl wedding invitations. It took me a little while but I eventually put myself together and set up a photo shoot. (surely what took me the longest was to decide on the backdrop. I eventually made my mind for some oatmeal color japanese fabric, and I am glad I did as I really like the result) So here are the invites I hope you like them. You can also read a bit more about the all process here.