Some updates and screenshot

The so called easter break is coming and with it some expectation. It would be ideal to have my animation done by the coming back to school 3 of may. I do not think it will be completely finish and it will probably benefit from some retouching responding to a fresh wave of feedback on may, but be optimistic and lets say that it will be nearly done by may 3rd. By this I mean, all sequence done, including sound design and music and color correction and the all edited, … of course.

To complete this goal, some points to fix :

First of all the overall of the story sequencing doesn't communicate as much as it could, meaning people doesn't seam to understand the connection between to sequence and as well the all what it is about. Even if I attribute this to the fact that my animation is only partly done with an approximate sound and a completely out of toe voice over, I do think I have to rework some sequences. My focus will be to establish better connection and to express more clearly the way of thinking, the attempts, the failure, success and reflection of my character. Thus hopefully people would have more access to her and be more able to relate to her, in other world people should get more from the story than they do now.

I get surprise as well of how much my whole work aim to lake rhythm. Which is a pretty sad discovery. I am rethinking the editing of some sequence and as well add some little shots that helps to link the sequence together. (you know for example a close up on the door/hand when she is about t change room and no just a big cut in the corridor) As well I strongly value the sound and music as major help for this particular problem. from the creation of a ambient over all sound (the humming that will be present and only heard but not listen and which will act as glue from the all range to other sound.

Thus talking of sound I have to think of creating a sound esthetic for my character (my best hint so far is to explore the sound of her original materiality = paper) but it may end up behind different. I also need to complete all my foley sounds (which can be not as realistic) which will give volume to the video. As well I am very incline to add music at some point but is here conscious of the right of music usage and will have to find a solution ( free of right music ? compose original score ? get a friend help ? no music ? buy it ?) to be define (but quickly)

This is, I think, the main problems I am facing so far, but it doesn't mean they are not surrounded by an endless succession of little problem (why does my edit doesn't work in premier cs5, how to I add this plugging, the endless rendering time, I can't get the authorization to shoot this, try to not make it look to much as if you are using still, avoid to spill your ink jar on your laptop, get expel from a swimming pool after being take as a pervert trying to get some shortage of the locker …) and great joy ( it will be good !)