Notes on Freelancing / My 3 top apps

A couple of days ago a friend ask me if I would be interested in teaching, and while I feel that this is not quiet the moment for me, as I feel like I need to put a lot more under my belt before even trying. Nonetheless I think I could maybe give a go at describing my journey into freelancing for 2 years and also get into the practical stuff that nobody tell you about in Uni.

Well I am note going to tell my all story here, I thought it might be useful for the passing lector to get some insight a couple of apps that make my life easier.

First for timing, and invoicing I use Billings.
It is just brilliant, I can track my hours and minute, get my invoice label in order and see who own me money or is late.

Then for book keeping I use Checkbook Pro. It took me a while to find this simple app, because I wanted to just track my expenses and incomes. I don't need to be online for it, and I can add the reference number of my recipes (I take pictures of my recipes and keep them in a folder in my computer, I also keep the physical recipes into a folder that have months divisions similar to that)
Also at the end of the year when taxes comes, I can export a PDF from Checkbook Pro that show the in vs Out and make my live really easy.
I enter everything I expense in Checkbook Pro (pencils, prints, researches books, utilities for my bike ...) and I try to do it as soon as I bought it, so it is not like I have to try to organize everything at the end of the year, it is just always ready and clear.

Also just to cover myself I put 25% of everything that comes in into a saving account called Taxes, I find out that treating this money as it is not mine is easier. I don't touch the taxes account, and so I know own much money I really have.

And just as a plus I can only recommend Wunderlist. This is like the best to do list app. It is a desktop app, an ipad and iphone app, it syncs, it is free, it is clear and  easy it is wonderful.
Wunderlist really help me keep my life on tracks, form freelance stuff to groceries. And Bonus it is free!

well this is my 3 good tips for freelancing, I hope it my be of use to someone.
Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions, or if you want to hear the story of my 2 years freelancing.