Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre


I have been so involved in putting on feet S.VT, telling my friends about it, my family, becoming a bit of a single track record, having it always on to of my mind (and lips) that I forgot to tell the all internet! Or should I say my very humble blog audience, to who might recognized him/her self here, I pass on my salutations.

So what is S.V.T?

Well it is an online boutique I am setting up. A space dedicated to lifestyle good which are the result of considerate design and sustainable and fair source. Basically it is the place where I roll up my sleeve and take upon making all things things I wanted to do (or have been doing for a while) and sharing it with the world. Everything is sourced locally as much a possible, with the main construction being made here in London, by myself and close talented crafters. S.V.T takes most of its inspiration from the natural sciences (how surprising from me).

I am still working hard at it now, and their is for the time being a holding page online. But please do go have a look and sign up to the newsletter (or check out all the social usual : twitter / Facebook / Instagram) So I can share with you the day I will unveiled S.V.T.